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Performance, Music, Trade and Fun.

Exhibitions & Demonstrations

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Exhibitions & Demonstrations

With self-belief, you are able to overcome, nerves, and stage fright to produce, an outstanding exhibition of skill and talent that leaves the audience wondering how, but all Contenders know it’s not down to luck.

We practice, We prepare, We perform.

Giving the Contender stage over to people who need the light shone on them, is exactly what Contender Fest is about.

As a spectator you will see, hear, and feel wonder.

Contender Fest Breaking News!!!!!!!

It gives us great pleasure to announce our newest addition to Contender Fest-

The Charles Claremont classic This new collaboration marks a new era in Bodybuilding, you have to join us.

This really will be a first for any fitness enthusiast not only to compete but also soak up some chilled vibes, there is no better place to enjoy fitness in the UK.

Craft Village - Curated by The Little Craft Shack

From the dawn of time, we have shared our recipes, and love of food, food has contributed to the world coming together, from spice roads, to world famous markets, we all love food, and at Contender Fest we want to give, artisan makes, a change to show off.

Being a Contender is not just about running, jumping, or singing with perfect pitch, we are all different, some love, boiling sugar to just the right temperature so that the fudge melts in your mouth not to fast nor take too long, and some need to make mouth-watering food, that leaves people speechless, which makes them Contenders in their own right.

Think yourself a connoisseur then you must, inspect the Contender Fest Craft Village, but make sure you don’t leave empty handed, who knows when next, you might see such delights.

At a Food & Fitness Festival, there must be food, good food, in fact Great Food!

From Street vendors to hand made bread, at Contender Fest we have you covered, do you like chillies? We’ve got some.

Want to taste something Spectacular? Thats covered!

How about those hot sweet sugary sticks of goodness, “What Churros”, yep, we have them too, Cheeky Fox Churros, are all that and more, even Coffee to go and Veggie or Bacon butties.

Want something more to get your teeth into then you won’t be disappointed.

You might even want to lookout for our Food Challenge, only a true Contender can win.

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Trade Stands

From well-designed T-shirts to running shoes, that won’t let you down, as a Contender having the right kit is important and at Contender Fest you will be able to get everything you need to keep you going.

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Street Traders/ Food & Drink

Contender Fest would not be a festival, if we had no street food traders, from around the UK to bring you, tasty, good value, food, and after one maybe two of our workouts why not treat yourself, you have worked on your body so let the Street Traders see to the feeding of your soul.

night time festival in bournemouth

Kids need to let their hair down too, let them loose on the fairground, just make sure it’s before they visit the food stalls.

Fun, games and more!

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Music & DJ’s

Contender Fest will have music playing across the whole weekend, but it’s our night DJ’s that will have you working up a sweat, with all types of basses and trebles covered, the Contender Fest is the perfect place to let your hair down for the weekend.

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Weighed, Measured, and Found Wanting...

Let the games begin, at Contender Fest you will find a great number of obstacles, for you to navigate, overcome and conquer.

Contender, make sure you bring your A-game!

Enter a number of races, with the chance to win cash prizes, fancy yourself and allrounder, the Run 4 your life might be the race for you.

Feeling string, then throw your hand in the ring and try out the Big5 – classic gym exercises, that will test your speed, strength and stamina,

Contender are you ready, if not get ready, there’s still time.

Team player? PX2 is the race for you, start the race as two and cross the finish line together no one gets left behind, and it’s simple, the fastest time wins, and the cash prize is yours.

Being competitive not your bag, then that’s cool, you might like the Swarm, that’s where we let a swarm of you on the course at once, and you as an individual, team or family give it your best shot, just as a Contender would.

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Contender Fest Kids Rides

The obstacle course will undoubtedly have some obstacles that will be too much for our younger Contenders, so there will be some rides, No Contender will leave untested, it be through food, fitness or fun.

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