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Set Goal’s For 2022


1- Barbell squats – 60sec

2- Deadlift – 60sec

3- Chest Press – 60sec

4- Overhead Push – 60sec

5- Barbell Row – 60sec

Can you give it your all and make it count!

£500 Cash prize could be yours


Team event, two work together, to conquer the obstacle course.

The better you work together the better your time.

Each team must have at least one female £500 Cash Prize  (or one member dressed as a Princess!)

Run 4 Your Life

This is an individual event where you give it all you’ve got, over all the obstacles, the fastest time gets the £500 cash prize

Swarm - 100

Make a dash for it, or take your time, but time will run out. 60 minutes to play, climb and conquer
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Big5 Explained

A Word from the sponsors

Some Contenders may want to showcase their grit.

The Contender Big5 will be held over the three days, and this will be looked after by one of our PT’s and their team, who know their stuff, making sure that any and all Contenders know and understand the dangers that could happen before jumping in.
ethos of girl in contender fest obstacle course

Safety first at all times!

Some of the best gym moves are the oldest ones.

But let’s get you warmed up first.

No need to rush into an injury, no one, will be impressed with a pulled back.

Everybody needs to be sensible, and if in doubt just shout!

Remember it’s not about looking pretty, let’s get the work done and done safe.

The Contender Big5 is about max reps, in just 60 seconds, for each discipline.

“If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds’ worth” ….

Contender Games is more, than just the obstacle course.

Just like the wild game in Africa’s “Big Five” we just wanted to bring the Big5 of the fitness world, to Contender Games


This tests your overall strength, deadlift is the #1 of strength exercises, it activates almost all of your muscles, from head to toe.
When done correctly after a few reps you will feel exhausted and most differently a burn.

Bench Press

No intro needed, everyone knows the bench press, tuck in your elbows and push, flat bench or on the incline lockout those arms and give it your best, will you be out worked.

Overhead Press

Engage your core and keep your back straight, now push, chest, delts, triceps and traps will all feel this but will the time run out before you can get to grips with the task.

Barbell Squats

Upper back, abs, obliques, thighs, gluts and traps will all burn, all for the right reasons, this exercise will activate a full range of muscles and could be one of the reasons why some miss leg days at the gym, it truly is known as the infamous leg exercise.

Bent Over Row

The motion can be done with dumbbells, or a bar but none the less a great way to activate your core and exercise those arms.

The Rules

1. The Contender who does the most clean Reps Wins, all 5 discipline rep’s will be counted and added together and that will give us an overall score.

It’s that simple!

The weight will be set and that will be it, (men’s weight higher) for every one across the whole event, male and female, (females can choose) we spend so much time watching others that we forget to focus on ourselves.

Contender Games Big5

The Contender who does the cleanest reps and the most of all 5 disciplines, wins.

Your reps will be counted and added together to give you an overall score.

You will never lose, only win or learn!

Just get off the side-lines and win the £500 Cash prize.

Contender Games PX2 Race

Enter as a team of two, team name required, this race is limited to 100 teams, enter the obstacle course, run it together and help each other, pull, push, even carry one another if necessary, complete the course together and may your team be the fastest, if so, the £500 cash prize is yours.

This is the only race that we ask that each team has at least one female, run, jump, and carry, why because 2 is better than 1.

Contender Games Run 4 Your Life Race

This is an individual event, each Contender, works alone, sweats alone, but will be victorious amongst all at Contender Fest.

Can you back up that chat, with facts? Can you prove you have what it takes, to win and really Run 4 Your Life.

The fastest time wins.

£500 Cash prize

Contender Games - Swarm 100

Contenders can join as teams, or individuals, this is what we call the Fun-Run, we let 100 of you on the course for one hour, be your own judge and test the Contender in you.