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Join PX2 Today & Win £500 CASH PRIZES

Teams of two from various backgrounds pair up.

Trainer & Client or Friends

PX2 will see the teams competing challenges that test their strength, endurance, and stamina.

The Goal is Key

When focused we can achieve!

Let’s put your training to the test,

Run, jump, carry, and climb together as a team with the fastest time £500 cash Prize is yours

PX2 is a competition like no other

Fitness trainers get your client ready to compete in multiple physical challenges that will put them to the ultimate test in strength, endurance, and stamina.

Give them a goal to strive for. PX2

As teams of two strive to dominate the course we will see doubt turn to confidence and weakness turn to strength.

PX2 taps into the next generation of health and fitness movement and seeks to inspire hundreds of people around Dorset.

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The wining team will take home a significant cash prize.
Join PX2 contender gold image

Entrance Fee Gold Ticket £21

(Each team, will start the race and must finish at the same time. Buy a gold ticket and then you can enter the race, work well and the cash prize of £500 could be yours)