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This 3-day adventure of food, fitness, and fun in Dorset.

Work all week, find your balance at the weekend.

Contender Fest Combines food - Fitness with Chilled music vibes

Eat well, live well.

Get your taste buds satisfied with our Street Food line up! visit our Craft Village with Exhibitions and Demonstrations, with so much entertainment, you will taste the elixir of life!

Contender Fitness

Jammed packed full of fitness games, personal trainers, and workouts from local gym studios.

Come and find something that sparks your passion, don’t just be motivated but instead find inspiration that will be long lasting.

First, you’ve got to earn it.
Then you’ve got to recognise it.
Then you’ve got to act on it.

Contender Fest is an Opportunity, You Are About to find adventure.

Fitness is mostly seen as the end goal, but there are different levels, from a CrossFit athlete to Ninety-Five-year-old Grandma walking to the shops. Your fitness is yours and yours alone, become a Contender and escape the monotony, explore new ways of living, moving and taste the freedom.

About Contender Games
Experience a workout like no other!

Contender Games are made up of a number of activities that will change how you see fitness, which includes a purposely built Obstacle Course playground or (OCR) a Contender training ground filled with lung- burners, speed, strength, and stamina obstacles.

The Big5 is something of a personal challenge to test your grit.

PX2 is a team race

Run 4 Your Life is an individual event

Swarm100 individual, team, or family time, go at your own pace.

Party into the Night.

Dancing is another way to get your adrenaline going, with an ensemble of Live Music, Dance, and DJ sets.

Challenging Not Defeating 

Contender Fest has a message of, “We can all do it, so don’t just be a Spectator in life be a Contender!

Join the us.


Some just want to soak up the great atmosphere.

At Contender Fest, we don’t believe that fitness should just be for looks...​

Contender’s There’s Only One Question?

If your life was on the line, do you have the fitness to say I gave it my best shot!

black image of man pulling
ethos of girl in contender fest obstacle course

This is all that matters! Could you carry a person to safety? Do you have enough stamina to save a friend?

Contender Are You Ready.

If that sounds too much for you that’s ok

Some just want to soak up the great atmosphere.

There’s something for everyone.

servicing coffee out of van


disco images for party


bootcamp girls doing site ups in parks


“All of this and more, well, it’s going to make for a great festival”

Brook Solley

It’s a weekend thing, enjoy it all in one day, or stay for the weekend?

You DO KNOW fitness festivals have become a thing?

Whether you’re into fitness classes, running, yoga or even love the idea of a food competition, there’s an event for you, eat, rest or play.