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Contender Obstacles

Log walk

Hay bales

Black hole (tyre obstacle)

Cargo nets


Slam balls

Balance beam

Bang bang hammer hitting

Sledge pull

Box jump

South pole

Wall climb

Sandbag carry

Tyre flip

Atlas carry



Monkey bar dangle

None barb & stick

Jerry can run (with water)

Kettlebell pull

Spikes yikes

Ron’s Wall

Log flip

Monkey tyre hang


Contender obstacles

You may have never tried an obstacle course before, BUT you would like to!

Don’t over think it! Sign up, jump in and figure it out when you get here!

let us put you at ease with a few things first.

There’s no mud.

There’s no walking through water.

And nope we don’t have electric wires for you to run through.

While these are fun, Contender Fest has just focused on Obstacles, Rigs and challenges.

30-40 obstacles, challenges, and trails that will leave you tested but not defeated.


Work as a team, help others even if you don’t enter as a team, Contenders assist, help, and encourage other contenders, to win!

Race over the Obstacles

PX2- is a great race, why not put a team together 2 is better than one! Or how about a shared work experience after the year we have all had. Bring your work colleagues, or your sports club, even students, whatever you choose it’s going to be a fun day.

Safe stay safe 

At Contender Fest we do everything required and more to keep everyone as safe as possible from having a team of medics on site continuously monitoring the course, to behind the scenes OCR experts building the obstacles.


Just be a Contender! 

Come along ready to take on one of the races, cross the finish line for your well-deserved kudos!