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Contender! Bring Your A-Team

Contender Games

Contender Enter One Or All

The obstacle course is perfect to enter as part of a team, or as an individual Contender.


The terrain is flat but challenging, so bring your Squad, your workmates, local sports clubs.

Join the team building experience of the year.

1-Create A Team Name 2-Nominate A Team Captain.

Go to Book Tickets...

To register a team select 1 Gold Ticket & follow instructions...

Once your Team has been registered other teammates can join the Team by selecting the ‘JOIN A TEAM’ option on our tickets-web-/registration page.

  • Exact Team name must be used.
  • Set up a password- for your Team to stop confusion.
  • Don’t forget Team T-shirts or outfits!

GYM – PT – Clubs Contender Ambassador

Contender Ambassador – This is geared more towards Leisure centres, Personal Trainers and Gyms. Bring 50 – 100 to the event and receive a number of bonuses from full page advertising to social media shouts, and for every 20 team you will earn two complementary tickets.

If you have any questions please contact us